Guidelines for Sumbission

If you plan to email AMPLIFY. about potential media coverage – either on behalf of yourself or your client- please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  1. AMPLIFY. is a rock publication. Unless the work you’re submitting is indisputably within the general rock/punk/alternative boundaries, we will politely pass.
  2. Follow-up emails are strongly discouraged. This applies to messages that ask when a piece will be published, or if we’ve received submitted material.
  3. Do not contact the AMPLIFY. email address to inquire about coverage for another publication Lindsay has written for/writes for. This isn’t a stepping stone. Only contact AMPLIFY. if you want your work/the work of your client to be shared on our publication. Any emails that fail to follow this particular guideline will be deleted immediately.
  • Lindsay does remember and keep a list of organizations and individuals that do not adhere to these guidelines in order to honor and prioritize those who did take the time to do so.