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Lindsay launched AMPLIFY. once she grew way too tired of seeing independent rock artists being underrepresented in the media. She felt moved to create an outlet that only covered musicians and bands of this nature, knowing that their music deserves just as much – or hell, even more – attention than any saturated pop song being played on KISS FM OR anything Kanye has ever done (yes, shots hath been fired and she’s not sorry one bit). So, AMPLIFY. aims to be a space for that to manifest.

Lindsay’s writing has appeared on Consequence of Sound, Alt Citizen, Chicago Music Guide, and a few other places. She feels super grateful to say that. She won’t bore you with details of her college major or the other industry experiences she’s had, as she knows you probably don’t care and aren’t here to read her resume. If you really want to, though, she’s on LinkedIn and won’t mind if you stalk her page.

Lindsay’s unwavering belief in rock music as a cultural entity has long been a guiding principle of AMPLIFY., and that is something that will never change. She hopes that AMPLIFY. can, in some small way, let people know that rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well (contrary to what the Billboard charts will tell you)  – and that some of the best stuff out there is often being made by individuals whose names you may not even know…yet.




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Jose Pardillo is a music photographer from Honolulu, HI who somehow made his way to NYC.

He has in ways been compared to Gollum from “The Lord of the Rings” in that he may have been driven mad (slight exaggeration) from his incessant need to get the perfect shot and to be close to his camera. His “Precious” if you will.

A great wizard once said “You shall not pass!” This clearly did not apply to Jose, seeing as he breezed through TSA and headed to NYC to further pursue his love of music photography.

*No insults intended toward Gollum/Smeagle/Former River Folk



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Lainey Berlin is a photographer from Dallas, Texas, studying Telecommunication Media Studies at Texas A&M University. While at school, living somewhat in the center of Dallas, Houston and Austin, Lainey makes the time in her schedule for mini road trips for concerts in these surrounding cities. It was only until recently she decided to combine her passion of photography and love of attending concerts to find a true joy in concert photography.





 Frank’s day job includes usability and visual design, creative direction and most importantly, cycling through as much music on Spotify. More often than not, he comes across bands he’d like to photograph in his night ‘job’ as a lover of live music and dimly lit venues. In between Chicago shows, he likes to play guitar, podcast binge and photograph…more things.


My name is Will Fenwick, I live in the Louisville, KY, area and I’m 19 years old. I’m a sponsored skateboarder currently riding for Riot Skatepark/Tiny Skateshop and Bones Wheels, I have an interest in exotic/unique animals and pets (fun fact: I own 10 tarantulas), camping and nature of are of interest as well not only because of the experiences and travels but the tranquility and peace helps me build on creative ideas, along with photography I also film (mainly skateboarding) and I also plan to go back to college in the fall for physical therapy and visual arts, previously majored in psychology. You’d think with all of the surgeries from broken bones that I’m aspiring to become bionic man! But most importantly music – music has been able to find a way into almost every aspect and interest in my life. You can skate to music, 100% of the time spent editing pictures and especially when editing video music is being played or added to the video, and some music is proven to psychologically help us relax and lighten up. The personal importance of music grew so much over time that I realized music was something I was really passionate about, and the only way that made sense incorporating music into the “bigger picture” was through music photography.