A Few Updates As Things Wind Down…


As stated earlier, AMPLIFY. is taking a break for a while. Being the sole writer/editor/content manager/social media manager/outreach liaison/receiver of a million emails is hard work, and that’s just not something I’ll have time to do for quite a bit. With that being said, the AMPLIFY. email address will now be checked very infrequently – perhaps every two weeks or so. It will only be checked to respond to site contributors as well.

Also, the only social media AMPLIFY. now uses with any degree of frequency is Instagram. Facebook and Twitter are kind of dying anyway, aren’t they? Plus, social media is annoying, and I’d much rather subscribe to the idea that a publications is as good as its content – not how many posts or followers it has.

In the words of Miranda Priestly, “that’s all.”

Warm regards,

Lindsay Teske

Editor in Chief