Exclusive: Ghost Drag Records Debuts Premiere Episode of Ghost DragTV

Live performance is perhaps the most raw medium through which one can experience art. This is especially prevalent for live music, as the electric energy that comes with it is so palpable that it has the ability to transcend digital mediums.

This notion is  proven evident in Ghost Drag Record’s premiere episode of ‘Ghost DragTV,’ which features a dynamic live performance from rockers Max Pain and The Groovies. The gusto, musicianship, and enthusiasm the band exudes in their live performance surpasses the screen and is felt in the viewer’s very core.

Whether the prohibitors be time, money, or geography-it can be extremely difficult for all who want to take in live music to do so. However, Ghost DragTV is making this a possibility. Through making live performances digitally accessible, their infectious nature can be felt by all.

That’s pretty damn fantastic.


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